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Put on your lipstick

November 10, 2004 - 04:18 PM [ life ]
i got home from class at around 9 (we ended up not having a test, it's going to be a take home one, hurray!, so i guess it was alright that i didn't get any studying done) and curled up with a plate of cheese and crackers -- the prima donna is still the best of the three.

on monday night i told juju that i'd go to lipstick with her, but when it hit 10:15 and she hadn't called yet, i assumed we wouldn't be going. so i got cozy in my pjs and watched some law & order. at 10:45 wes called, he wanted to know if i was still going. at that point i really didn't feel like it, i was just about to put on pjs and call it an early night (also, i felt like i might be getting sick). but they weren't taking no for an answer. so i dragged my butt off the couch and got ready.

i haven't been to lipstick in ages. like over a year. probably longer. i used to go because i like to dance around and bonus, they play good music. but then, over time, the music slowly got not so good and the crowd slowly got bigger, so it wasn't nearly as fun. now a year later, the crowd is not as big, but the music is still not as good. it's always a shame when the djs have to play music to "get the kids on the floor" as opposed to music that is just good and fun to dance to.

lipstick has two djs. roger and shaun. i prefer it when roger djs because 1- his taste is more like mine and 2- i really don't see the hype behind shaun. now don't get me wrong, shaun is a really nice guy. everyone i know seems to like him a lot and he's really enthusiastic. and i'm sure if i knew him better, i'd also think he was pretty fun. i just don't think he's THAT talented. i think he's just an amazing promoter and the guy that gets the parties/clubs started. so he starts things thus he gets to dj them. but really, it seems like he has a monopoly on the sacto scene.

so needless to say, i didn't really have high hopes for this evening. and as much griping as a just did about the music, it was actually a really good time. maybe because the power of getting out on the dancefloor surpassed the power of the songs i care nothing about. not that everything was bad, it was just sometimes awkward. shauns segues always seem a bit botched and the music sometimes too trendy. roger, however, seems more analytical with his flow, but his stuff is sometimes too dated and obvious (not that i'm going to complain, put common people on and i'll still join you on the dancefloor). the highlight of the evening (for me anyway) was right before we left. i made juju make roger play some stone roses and he chose (the obvious) "i am the resurrection". i think i was hoping for fools gold, but i was perfectly good with resurrection. actually better than good, for that IS my dance anthem. if you ever want to see me shake my thang, put that song on and make some room on the dancefloor. that song does it every single time. i don't understand how it couldn't entice someone onto the dance floor. the soul/funk beat, the driving drums, and the jangly guitar all topped by ian brown's genius mancunian vocals, what more could you possibly want?

afterwards we headed over to lyon's to grab some food. mcdonald's drove over with me and we chatted about how wes thinks he (mcdonald's) sometimes chews his gum too loud. when we got to lyons i ended up ordering the orange freeze (which is like a rootbeer float, only with sprite and orange sherbet instead) and a 2 egg breakfast, scrambled. only i think she heard plasticized, because my eggs were rubbery and plasticy, almost like play food...and then the waitress forgot my toast, and i was pretty sure i didn't want it anyway, but then wes reminded her, so i felt obligated to eat it. oh well, at least THAT wasn't rubbery...

Posted by pocketpig at November 10, 2004 04:18 PM


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