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i wouldn't have it any other way

November 08, 2004 - 07:41 AM [ lifephotos ]


this weekend was the second annual sostrom scavenger hunt. i didn't make it to the first annual, but i was set to win the second. actually i was just hoping to come close, i didn't really expect to win.

the scavenger hunt was a full day event, it even had a performance secton. this team is doing the monster mash (with their own music) for 20 points. i thought for sure that they would win but thankfully camille is a spelling whiz. and in the end,

we were the scavengers...read on for more.

when the scavenger hunt was announced last month randall and i assumed (for some reason) that we'd end up on a team with juju and wes, but a couple of weeks ago juju said they were going to be on a team with coach and mcdonald's. teams maxed out at 5, so we decided to start our own team. i heard that camille and her beau didn't have a team, so i thought the four of us could have fun zooming around town in the mini with GPS. (GPS!) but on thursday camille said her beau wouldn't be able to make it afterall, so i invited joanna instead. it was going to be a strange event and an even stranger team. camille (who i don't know all that well), joanna (who i've known forever but don't hang out with enough to know her as well as i should know someone i've known for that long), myself and randall. but on saturday morning joanna called to say she wouldn't be able to play. she was either severely hungover or suffering from food poisoning, she wasn't sure which.

either way it was disappointing as i'd started looking forward to zooming around town with this ragtag team. and i wasn't sure we could win with just 3 people, so i called up wes and juju to see what they were going to do (i'd heard that mcdonald's was going to have to work instead). juju was calling ikea to see if they had the table she wanted, and luckily for me (but sadly for her), they did not. so they decided to stay in town and join our team.

at 1pm the 4 of us met up with camille and the other teams at tonevendor (okay, so it was more like 1:09, we weren't very punctual). we designated team captains (i got to be ours, i think i wanted it, but wasn't sure, either way i ended up captain) and at 1:20 heather officially started the scavenger hunt and sent us on our way. actually, we ran out of the building. it must have been a sight 25+ "hipsters" running out of an indie record store. we must have looked like some crazy invasion.

the hunt was 11 pages long. that's right ELEVEN.
there were 40 items to find, ranging from a baby's tooth (which strangely enough juju's niece lost that morning) to chanel no. 5 (which we got a sample of at sephora) to a family circus cartoon preserved in silly putty and all sorts of stuff in between. there were also 6 flags to capture (decipher the clue, head to the location, first team to find the flag gets to take it home for 50 points), 5 questions to answer (ie: how many scrabble points does the word scavenger get you?), 8 photos to take (ie: at least two teammates dressed as pirates doing pilates), a page full of differents (as many different matchbooks as you can find, different rolling pins, different pasta sauces) and then there was a performance secton (ie: all members of your team to do the monster mash, provide your own music). and then finally a spelling bee where the winner gets to take one item (and the points of that item) from any team.

it was pretty intensive and amazing. and it took all day.
at 5:50 we ended up at pizza zone for the final tally (and pizza and beer!)
the tally was a bit crazy and i still don't agree with all the judges rulings (hello an ape is NOT a chimpanzee!) but in the end, it all came down to spelling.
lucky for us everyone else seemed to suck at spelling and camille is apparently a spelling genius.

we won the bee and stole the mash's 50 point flag.
that put us in the lead by 17 points.
and really there was nothing else anyone could do about it.
we were there to win.
and like juju says,
i wouldn't have it any other way...

Posted by pocketpig at November 8, 2004 07:41 AM


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