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morm vs. the printer ink

November 16, 2004 - 03:23 PM [ life ]

sometimes my momy is so cute.

she doesn't want to have to rely on people for things, especially not my dad (she's not talking to him right now), so she's learning to do things for herself. she's pretty computer illiterate (not because she can't do it, mostly because she didn't want to learn and someone else could do it for her). today she called me to ask "eh, how i change the printer ink?" and i could just see her on the other end, proud of herself that she was going to do it, but without letting on she was proud. so i walked her thru how to change the ink (she needs it to print out listings for her clients) and i know it's a pretty lame conversation, but really, it was just so cute to me.

-begin phone call-
me: "hello, this is sabrina."
morm: "eh, how i change the printer ink?"
me: "hi mom. oh the printer is out of ink? okay well, open the top flap door and push the button."
morm: "which button?"
me: "the one that's flashing."
morm: "flashing...okay, now what?"
me: "did it do anything?"
morm: "yes. it moved out."
me: "okay, so you can see the ink cartridges? you know the ink boxes?"
morm: "yes i can see the ink."
me: "okay, there's two, which button was flashing? the black or the color?"
morm: "black."
me: "okay, pull the black one out. you might need to pull it at an angle."
morm: "okay what now?"
me: "okay, you put the new ink in. but remove the little foil tag first. there's probably a foil tag."
morm: "there's no foil tag, i don't know what you talking about."
me: "well do you have new ink?"
morm: "no, i thought so, but this box is a old one."
me: "oh you don't have new ink? well if it's old, there's no foil tag."
morm: "so how i put it back in?"
me: "why are you putting it back in? if it's also old and empty, it might not work."
morm: "it's okay, i try. i see if i can do it."
me: "okay, well you put it back in the way you got it out. you might need to put the top part in first, or the back first. i don't remember how your printer works."
morm: "okay it's not going."
me: "okay well try putting it in different, it should pop into..."
morm: "oh okay okay i got it. i'm going to go buy ink now. bye."
me: "okay, take the old one with you so you get the right one and don't forget the new one will probably have a foil tag you need to remove."
morm: "aiya, i know that already. bye."
--end phone call--

Posted by pocketpig at November 16, 2004 03:23 PM


at work i have clients like that. its cute though, somtimes. other times it makes me drink.

Posted by: lucas at November 20, 2004 11:09 AM

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