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such a long entry....what's new?

November 05, 2004 - 01:17 PM [ life ]

dubya2.gifso i've been really busy this week.
and that's not just me saying it like i used to always say it.
it's genuine. total busy.
in fact, right now i'm taking lunch at my desk and i'm not working thru it, i'm updating this site, and that makes me feel GUILTY. i've been at work til past 8pm almost every night this week. and i haven't taken lunch in like 3 weeks.

so see, genuinely busy.

and now before someone notices that i'm not currently "busy" and that they need me to work on this one more LITTLE THING (PLEASE?? PLEASE JUST THIS ONE MORE LITTLE THING, PLEASE???) i am going to try and recap the last few days....

wednesday was a state of disbelief. or as the daily mirror says, how can 59 million plus people be so dumb? although i don't necessarily agree with the statement, i don't think they're all dumb. so i'm not sure exactly what it is. i want to know what their reasons...take for example alex at work, he's not dumb, he's a very intelligent man and funny too, but during the day i saw him walking around with a spring to his step and happy look on his face, so i said, "hey, you're in a good mood today" and he said, "yes, bush won!" and i just don't get it. i don't get it at all.

but enough politics,
i'm not qualified to be a pundit, and you're not here to read about my political point of views.

so read on for news of thanksgiving dinner, cheese of the day and greek food. it's what i'm good at (well at least what i pretend to be good at anyway)...be warned, it's long...

on tuesday kertell sent out an email saying that thanksgiving would be arriving early. morale at work has been pretty low and kertell thinks that giving everyone free food will help (bless his heart, he really doesn't get it does he?). but this time the management staff convinced him to shut the entire office down for an hour (which is a big feat considering our customer service telephone dept is in the same office) and we can eat as one big "family" (normally people take the food and go back to work). they also decided that the management team would serve us cafeteria lady style. it was pretty cute, only the breakroom is not nearly large enough to accommodate us all at once. so a lot of people took the food and went back to their desks anyway. i didn't, i decided to stay.

for "thanksgiving" we had the usual staples of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac&cheese and pie...dissapointingly, the cranberry sauce was forgotten... the food, which came from the pot belly deli (what? a deli making whole turkeys???) was good, but not amazing, (turkey=good, potatoes=notsogood). i heard they wanted jack's to cater, but jack's never answered their phone. too bad for us. jack's has awesome mashed potatoes...

after devouring my food i sat in the breakroom with my co-workers. i think we were supposed to mingle with the people we never get a chance to talk to, but we didn't. the cliques formed right away, i guess people just find comfort in familiarity. we sat around and talked about scrabble and my stunted vocabulary. then after an hour back to work we went...

and worked i did.
until 8pm i worked.
then i ran home in order to fetch the world's largest hat. i was meeting joanna for drinks later and i wanted to show her the hat i knit. it's the first thing i've knitted that wasn't a rectangle. only, somewhere along the line, the measurements got retarded (or perhaps that's my lack of measurements made it retarded) and the hat is big enough to fit a large st. bernard. i can successfully pull it over randall's AND my head at the same time. when i showed joanna my creation, first she laughed, then she said, "oh well that's not nearly as large as i thought it would be." but really, you could fit it on a st. bernard, that part is not an exaggeration.

when we met up we decided to go to tapa's (she lives next door) for sangria. i decided that i needed to grab something to eat too (i had some left over turkey from "thanksgiving" while i was still at work, but it just wasn't cutting it). i should've ordered something substantial, or at least a large salad, but instead, i ordered some bread and then the cheese of the day. i didn't catch the name of the cheese, other than it was spanish, creamy and good. you could tell that it had been set out for a while too, it was the perfect consistency. i wish i knew what it was, i should've asked, but i think the sangria was prohibiting me from thinking clearly. it was a mild flavor, creamy (but not like brie creamy, more like the texture of a room temp mozzarella) and with a good melting point. i wonder if they really have a different cheese everyday. or if i went there again, would i get the same cheese? either way it was a place where i can get cheese and sangria at the same time. how come i didn't know this? i should be going there everyday.

afterwards i went home and watched the daily show, fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 2am and decided to dye my hair, but you knew that part already....

thursday was the uneventful day. i woke up (unwillingly) at 8:30 and headed to work. lorelei asked if i got a hair cut (i'd cut my bangs and some other chopping) i said, yes, she said, "cute. did you do it yourself?" it wasn't until later that i realized, HEY. what made her think i did it myself? is it that obvious? then i realized. yes, it is that obvious. no one has bangs this choppy. no one, that is, except little kids who got their hands on scissors and cut their hair themselves...

work was (and still is) busy. always busy.
so when it came time to leave at 6:30 (in time for chinese class) i realized it wasn't going to happen. which is okay, it's just review for a test on tuesday. and it's not like i'm taking it for a grade. when i left at 8:15, i called up randall and asked what he wanted for dinner. he was also on his way home from work so i suggested dapne's. it's this new greek place that opened up in our neighborhood. he thought it sounded like a good idea. i was originally going to wait for him, but we weren't sure he was going to make it before they closed. so i ordered a gyro pita and a falafel pita to go. it was pretty decent, but not amazing. if it had the "sauce" i think it could have been amazing. (the "sauce" is the hot sauce from falafel santa cruz. i don't know what's in it, but it's amazing and it makes me want to eat it.)

afterwards we headed to the grocery store for some milk (randall needs it for his coffee) and headed home where i am starting to knit a new hat. although 5 rows in i realized it also was going to be st. bernard size and had to start over. i think i got it right this time. i guess time will tell...

Posted by pocketpig at November 5, 2004 01:17 PM


uhm... i'd like to make an offer for that hat? i've got a huge head. i'm like a 6 foot tall "stewie" (from family guy)

Posted by: fattie20XL at November 6, 2004 06:35 AM

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