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of marzipan and knitting in the round

October 27, 2004 - 04:17 AM [ life ]

this morning i woke up really late.
i had told kari that i was going to be in late
(orginally i was going to stay in the city last night),
and decided that even though i didn't need to be late,
i was going to be anyway.

when i got there i plunged straight into work.
we've been really busy lately (a whole redesign is coming up)
i'm slightly excited by the work,
but also overwhelmed.

i haven't taken a lunch in two weeks.
but today just wasn't a productive day.
at around 5 jeff needed someone to drive him to his car,
i decided i'd take him and not come back to work.

so i dropped him off and went to the grocery store,
went home and made some potstickers
(last time i was at my mom's house,
she gave me some to freeze for quick access),
then i went to chinese school.
i was a little late because i was finishing up my homework.

during class i started to fall asleep.
this has happened during every class in the last 3 weeks.
laoshi always calls on me right before i nod off for reals.
so far i've been able to answer his questions,
but it's really embarrassing.
it reminds me of when i was in college for reals.
i don't know what it is, but i fall asleep during classes.
(maybe it's because i don't sleep during the evenings,
right now: 4:30am). but i think it's more than that.
in college i had a professor ask me if i was narcoleptic.
it just sort of happens. i can't control it.
and to think, i want to go back to school?
how am i going to stay awake?

after class i headed over to the fox & goose,
some gals were meeting up there for a stitch n' bitch.
i am pretty decent and squares and derivitive of squares,
but adding and subtract stitches is beyond me.
(i figure, it's been a year now, i should probably learn
how to make something other than a scarf.)
so i was hoping someone could show me how,
but they were actually leaving when i got there,
but maya told me she'd help me out next time.

when i got home i baked some spice cakes.
we have a potluck on thursday and i'm working on an idea i stole from the internet.
when i'm done i'll take photos so you can see.
it's a cake shaped like a pumpkin. leaves and all.

sidenote: i know, it's not the same without photos or drawings, but somedays are going to have to just be this way. i was too lazy to take photos today.

Posted by pocketpig at October 27, 2004 04:17 AM


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