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my rythym is all off.

October 15, 2004 - 01:35 AM [ life ]

weirdsky.jpgThis morning i woke up much later than usual. my alarm is set to the radio (npr) in the morning, but i guess it had been going off for over an hour, because before i knew it they were saying that the time was 8:45. i usually like to leave by 9...so much for that.
when i got outside the sky looked like it was falling apart.
everything had a jaundiced yellow hue to it, except the sun, it was red.
and the sky, it was brown.
it felt like the end of the world.
when i (finally) got to work, at least 3 people sang that REM song to me.
at least 3, but i'm sure there were more.
oh and the sky looks like this because of all the forest fires.
sidenote: this photo was taken at around 5pm and it's not doctored in any way.

skinner.jpgwork went by incredibly quickly today (i barely remembered to eat lunch (which were leftover fat asian noodles)). we're working on redesigning just about everything on the site, which is a lot of work, but at least we'll finally look professional.

after work i headed home and napped for about an hour
(i almost slept thru that alarm too)
then i headed to chinese class (at the community college).
during class i got pretty hungry and snuck a snacky-bar
(he doesn't like us to eat in class)
but i was starving, so it was pratically an emergency.
after class i met up with katy and camille and we went to the toyroom. skinner is having an art show and i didn't know what to expect. i don't know him very well and i'm not sure what my opinion is yet either.
i only know him from kickball and he's the resident hooligan pottymouth (every team needs one).
but i was actually really impressed by his stuff.
he had a jillion paintings all done within the last 7 months.
i only wish i had as much drive.
(this is a small snippet of one of his paintings)
sidenote: while we were there he had someone take a picture of the 4 of us.
i know he's going to get it back and wonder who in the world i am.

afterwards we headed back to katy & camille's apartment and chatted.
politics, paintings and sparkle motion.
it made me realize how hardly ever go anywhere just to hang out.
i wonder how that came to be...

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