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life choices

October 15, 2004 - 11:11 PM [ life ]


i got into work today at 9:30. i guess this is two late days in a row. not that anyone is keeping track (just me). when i got there stacey and heather were standing around talking. i started to apologize for being late, but stacey said not to worry about it because she had also just arrived, and our boss wasn't even there yet and our boss's boss wasn't going to be in today. i wondered why i even bothered to come in at all.

for lunch i ended up eating a frozen meal. i keep a few in the freezer at work just in case. this one was a chicken parmesan. it wasn't bad for microwave food, along the lines of decent airplane food. it's by some company called "life choice", which i think is a stupid name. it makes me think of abortion rights more than it does frozen food.

20041015sushi.jpgi had originally planned on leaving work early (everyone else did), but for some reason i didn't leave until almost 6:30. on my way home i stopped by the grocery store and bought some ahi tuna and other things. i even bought a small bouquet of lilies (they were on sale and maybe they'll remind someone else to buy flowers sometime). then i came home and made some sushi. randall and i took a class a while ago, it wasn't the most authentic sushi class, but it gave me the confidence to make my own. this was my 2nd time and i think it turned out pretty well (even if the rolls do look kind of ugly)...when randall got home we ate like pigs and then played this crazy video game called katamari damacy. if you have playstation 2, you need this game. it is most amazing.

Posted by pocketpig at October 15, 2004 11:11 PM


I knew you'd be all over the Katamari Damacy! That is one great game.

Posted by: Brian Good at December 29, 2004 06:09 PM

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