iced mocha

we walked around shopping
i had to pee really badly,
but the public bathroom was for customers only.
so i bought an iced mocha.
strangely enough i had to pee soon again.


went to an instore today
we saw the magnetic fields
they performed a few love songs
afterwards they signed autographs
i didn't have any paper so,
i had them sign my palm pilot.


during the instore i drew this picture
i couldn't see very well from this angle.
that's why sam's head is partially cut off.
stephen looked a little sleepy during the show, maybe he was just sad
afterwards stephen & sam were kind enough to sign this.

what does all of this have to do with food?
well i missed breakfast for it
and my stomach growled to the beat the whole time.

escape from new york

after the instore we met up with a bunch of friends
we ate pizza and got free sodas.
the one in stripes is wes.
i told him i would help make him famous.

karl & karolina

later in the evening we ate tasty chinese food
this is karl and karolina.
they're max's aunt and uncle.
but they're only a few years older than us.
karolina's from poland
they're going back there soon.

See yesterday's menu

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