care bears to the rescue!

bao is sick

i am a good big sister
i got up really late again today.
it was about noon-thirty.
my mom was getting ready to leave,
she told me to take care of bao when he got up.
that's when i got confused, bao was supposed to be at school.
but i guess he was feeling sick so he came home early.
when he got up i made him some chicken soup and hot lemonade.
then i dug out our old carebears breakfast in bed tray.
i don't think it's been used in about 8 years.
then we sat around and watched bad tv.

grab a dish green pepper beef

just grab a dish
this evening became one of those non-evenings.
i don't know how to describe them.
all i can say is that it's how imagine this place to be when i'm not here.
my mom made dinner and then she set it on the counter.
then when we felt like it we would grab a bowl and eat it where we wanted to.
there wasn't a lot of social interaction.
and to be honest, i can't remember what i did afterwards.
i thought about calling juju and chris for lipstick fun,
but in the end, i just wasn't feeling up to it.

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