meat toaster

oatmeal with the quaker oat man.

i ran out of cereal the other day,
so i had to come up with a new solution.
i got a box of cinnamon bun flavored oatmeal at safeway last night.
i poured the instant stuff into my mug and then poured in water.
i poured in too much water, so i had to open another package and pour in a little bit more.
now the problem is i have a half a pack of oatmeal for later.
which is hardly enough to eat as a meal.
hopefully i'll remember to bring more in to work.
the drawer at work is definitely starting to be full of breakfast food.

pork links.

katie couric
i don't know about you, but we watched katie couric all day yesterday. scottel said he'd vote for her. maybe she should run. i bet the guy who made this site would vote for her too.

i am trying to appease the candy drawer god. i bought zours. they're not sour enough. but they are okay. eat them.

bad candy
don't try to use netscape it takes AH years to load. learn all about your the bad candy that you're missing.

learn how to order a caramel latte, make a holiday punch, and don't forget to meet the warehouse team!

sushi in the park.

for lunch we grabbed sushi from across the street.
we decided to get it to go, so that we could go to the park.
adam was going to come with us,
but i think he felt obligated to sit with tony.
idris was sitting outside with tony as well.
so amy and gwen and scottel and i went to the park.
the containers we got to go were huge and plastic.
such a waste, they weren't even recyclable.

coffee with scottel and gwen

after work gwen and scottel were heading to pergs.
they wanted to know if i wanted to come along and play.
i told them that i would catch up with them later.
pergs is a funny place, sometimes i like the atmosphere,
and sometimes i hate being there and am really uncomfy.
who knows.
i had a espresso mocha with a shot of raspberry torani.
just like i did in high school.

toasted meat.

when i went home last christmas my mom had these weird kitchen appliances.
someone had given them to her.
i wanted the espresso machine, but could only have it if i also took
the vertigrill.
so for almost a year the vertigrill has been sitting there.
randall and scottel convinced me to use it.
it's essentially a toaster for meat.
you put the meat into a grill thing, and put it in the slot,
turn the dial for 14 minutes and viola,
perfect steak.
it's the ultimate bachelor pad item,
i think randall and scottel are going to have to fight for it when i leave.

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